So I went away with AR Trail Team / AR Collective to #TrailCamp in Chamonix. I wanted to share some thoughts on the weekend and feature some of the images taken along the way on my iPhone. 

Here is some reaction:

  • Arriving at midday after a 4am wake up call, kitting up and then going straight for Vertical KM is hardcore
  • If the longest run you’ve ever been out on was previously 3.5h, then 7h a day will come as a shock 
  • Running at altitude is hard on the lungs but you adapt quickly
  • Running downhill along technical rocky trails is a quad-killer, be ready
  • Chamonix is breathtakingly stunning so take a camera
  • If you are French and vegan your mum will make you lots of trail treats
  • Be safe not sorry; we witnessed a mountain rescue and it scared me
  • Le Lavancher is a little bit like paradise
  • If you are going to sprint over a ski jump, don’t land head first in a hole on the other side 
  • It might rain, and if it does rain, it might rain a lot
  • If you are a sneaker freak like me then you will spend 5 hours trying on trail shoes
  • James and Claudia are legends and super talented runners
  • Spencer, Alan and Adrien are going to CRUSH their respective races during UTMB
  • Jon and Ben are actually the same person
  • Génépi is tasty
  • Fireball is not
  • Days 4 / Kilometres 86 / Ascent 5,000,000m (approximation)

Thanks to all. My legs are broken, but my trail heart is full. Whatever that means. I’ll be back for the Mont Blanc Marathon (10k) in June and for UTMB week in August. Who’s with me?

Peace. ✌

‘Unleash your inner freak!’ I’m not sure what that means really VIVO. Is being a freak a good thing or are you playing more on the shoe being ‘freakishly good?’ Cos it is! 

Having recently joined the AR Trail Team I needed to shop for some new footwear for off-road racing (obvs). For a long while I’d been running in racing flats and spikes for cross country and totally buy the less is more theory when it comes to minimalist footwear. But I needed something specific for upcoming Trailscape and Maverick trail races. One of the main criteria I had for a trail shoe was going to be heel-toe drop and stack height. Having explored options from several brands, a team mate Adrien put me onto VIVOBAREFOOT and I was sold! 

VIVO are advocates of minimalist, barefoot, natural movement and their shoe design and construction reflect this philosophy. The Trail Freak are no exception, they are ‘zero drop’ but do stack at 7mm with 4.5mm of lug. When you run in the shoe you can tell that it is totally flat and you will have to accustom your body to this if you don’t normally run in minimalist footwear. In the TF the sole, although flat and flexible, because of the lugs doesn’t feel ultra thin like the road range and somehow more manageable when on softer terrain.

I needed a shoe that would be able to handle multiple conditions, woodland, mud, water, paved sections etc. The TF ticks several of these boxes. The first win is that the lugs on the VIVO are multi-directional meaning you get traction going uphill and on descent. Second, the sole is deep enough to offer excellent traction on both hard packed and soft muddy trails, but not extreme enough to be problematic on occasional paved sections or tarmac (although I’d advise against running roads for too long as when wet they don’t grip pavement too well!). Two thumbs up for multiterrainality (yeh I made that word up but you get it!).

The upper offers a sumptuous sock like fit. It’s lightweight, breathable, has wicking properties, a wide toe box and just fits like a glove. The lacing system (the first toggle style I’ve used) is great, it secures the shoe well and doesn’t shift in tension, any slack in the laces simply tucks away. 

I’ve run approaching 100 miles in the shoe and it’s dealt with all conditions thrown at it. I am still training my body up to full strength after the festive period so am reticent about taking the shoe over half marathon distance, but I am sure it would cope as soon as my body can! 

For runners with good form, looking for a super responsive shoe offering excellent ground feedback, encouraging natural movement and speed, this could be the shoe for you. Oh and for the vegans amongst you, the shoe states eco-credentials as it is constructed 100% with vegan materials! 

The Trail Freak retails at £90 and you can find out more here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.58.52

All image and copy rights VIVOBAREFOOT.