Saysky is a lifestyle concept based and rooted in downtown Copenhagen. We are the new school of running, triathlon and core training. Our brand is young-minded and addressing like-minded personalities. We care – but don’t give a f***.


Run Dem Crew recently went on tour and ended up in Denmark at the Copenhagen Half Marathon. Pre race, as is custom, we ran to the expo to pick up race numbers and essentially do some shopping! One of the stands at the expo caught our eye. It was simple, cardboard walls with product pinned up. No slogans, no plastic cut outs of athletes in their wears. Just a simple desk with a guy on a Mac Air. The product did the talking and soon, as a style conscious bunch, we were rummaging through jackets, vests, t’s and tights checking out Saysky Copenhagen a newly launched lifestyle concept making running and triathlon gear with a competitive but laidback feel. All we could see was cool monochrome, 3M and stars everywhere. Sold.


We soon got chatting to their guy Nicklas who told us a bit about their story from their roots in surfing and that casual ‘aloha’ spirit which they’d combined with a love for sport and competition. Throw in a bit of Scandi minimalist design and before you can say cinnamon roll you got yourself an awesome brand. Their name comes from when you cross the finish line of a race look up at the sky and say yes rather than no. It embodies positivity and is refreshingly simple both in design but also in ethos.

siberia-tights-grey (1)

But let’s get to the product. They absolutely nail that crossover between function and fashion. Star printed or block colour camo’s, blacks and greys. All your running wardrobe catered for with shorts, tights, singlets, t’s, jackets, snoods, gloves, hats, you name it. And this is just the running range, they also cater for triathlon, and swimming. Additionally these guys don’t just think performance, they’ve expanded the range to lifestyle and core training so whether you are on a 10 mile run or a 10 mile commute to work they’ll have you clad in cool. From the running range we particularly like the year round ‘Siberia’ running tights and matching scarf, we haven’t found a better fitting, better looking combo with imprinted star pattern on grey with Saysky motif and star detail. We also got the ‘Danish’ singlet. Cos you know if you’re gonna run a race in Denmark there’s nothing better than a bit of home crowd cheering you on! And it looks great, naturally.


Check em out here At the moment they only retail online or in boutiques in Denmark. The good news though is FREE SHIPPING for Christmas! Tak!