‘We took everything we learned from our GOCap and re-engineered it into a race ready package we’re calling the FASTCap. Sleek, low profile, fast. More COOLwick mesh for optimum breathability and performance on the day you really need it. Pop the brim and run.’

FAST-BOMB-SPRING-HEADERColours – Orangeade, Sanford, Chaka, Whitaker

  • Lightweight, fast drying performance ready COOLwick mini mesh
  • UPF +40 protection on the brim and front panel
  • Pliable brim for easy packability
  • Reflective detailing on the front and back for night run visibility
  • Ciele Athletics Million Miles Guarantee
  • New Fast Fit. 56.5cm in diameter and a lower crown
  • Weight 54 grams

I love this hat. I mean, I loved the original GOCap too which I have in both ‘Chaka’ and ‘Jasper’ colours, so I couldn’t wait to try this shallower lightweight model. The main differences between this and the GO are really construction and fit. It’s like a cross between a running hat and a bike cap. For me personally, that works. As a result of the lower crown I found you gotta tighten it up more than the GO which you can let perch a little more… but that’s sort of the point. Designed to sit higher on ya brow it’s a little less steezy and a little more wheezy. So strap in and run FAST.

You know what it ain’t just this hat, I love Ciele. They get that running product is not just about brand it’s about lifestyle. They explain features in simplistic terms rather than bombarding you with jargon. Eg UPF40? ‘So you don’t burn’. Got it. They get that running is a lifestyle. They document via social who wears their hats, what races they are competing in and why their choice of headwear is Ciele. They keep a journal, they keep in touch, they listen to feedback. Oh and if you ain’t satisfied they will repair, replace or refund because they recognise that if you offer your custom they should offer something in return. They want your purchase to last, be your go to. And if (for some reason) you don’t find yourself using it anymore ‘reinvent it, donate it, trade it or recycle’. Oh oh oh and I already mentioned their use of social is on fleek well, guess what, for music lovers they’ll also put a mix together for you! Like this – POW.

The catch? Our buddies at Ciele are in Montreal so you gotta pay a freight charge of $10 bringing the price of a FASTCap to $55. You’re looking at £30something after airmail. I think it’s worth it. But up to you reader! You wanna go get a nondescript keep the sun off my scalp sweatshop special then that’s your prerogative. Or you could support independent business, get your playlist sorted, have your hat guaranteed for a million miles and join a super cool global network of runners. Oh yeh and your garms will absolutely be on point. So go get your FASTCap and we’ll see you on the road!