‘As I run, the trade winds blowing in from the direction of the lighthouse rustle the leaves of the eucalyptus over my head.’
– Haruki Murakami

Having started road running about six years ago, I still have a goal of seeing how fast I can run. Someone, actually my now coach, once told me you peak after seven years then plateau. So I’ve got one more year to run a championship marathon time. I am though, increasingly, being drawn to running as a means of discovery. Running can take you, both physically but also geographically,to places┬áthat would otherwise would remain undiscovered. Race results, times and all the gear are fun. But the great outdoors, nature, and meeting the people that inhabit those places, is my reason for running. How exhilarating would it be if that physical plateau were found at the end of the trail atop a mountain pass.



Road Marathon
Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Bournemouth, Chicago, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Milton Keynes, Nice-Cannes, New York

Road Half
Berlin, Brighton, Barcelona, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Ealing, Hackney, Hamburg, Lisbon, Maidenhead, Paris, Reading, Royal Parks, St Albans

Off Road Marathon+
Dorset CTS 50k, Montagn’hard 40k, Peak Trails 50k

Off Road Half+
Maverick Gloucs, Maverick Kent, Maverick Sussex