Gung Ho

Gung-ho /ˈɡʌŋˈh/ is an English term with the current meaning of “enthusiastic” or “overzealous”. It is an anglicised pronunciation of “gōng hé” (工合), which is also sometimes anglicised as “kung-ho”. “Gōnghé” is a shortened version of the term “gōngyè hézuòshè” (工業合作社) or Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, which was abbreviated as Indusco in English. The two Chinese characters “gōng” and “hé” mean respectively “work” and “together”.

2018 is going to be Gung Ho for me. I wanted to update you guys (and get this year’s plan straight in my head!) so that you guys can make sense of Instagram, Twitter and what I’ll be sharing here on the blog and on YouTube.

2017 was a topsy turvy year, but I got a chance to work on some amazing projects and personally achieved a lot in running and life. I travelled to California twice and spent time in Mammoth Lakes, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Los Angeles. I worked on the European Street Art Tour with Stance in Milan, Hamburg and Amsterdam. Ran inov-8’s ‘Get A Grip’ campaign in the Lake District and got to meet some amazing people. Supported friends in Chamonix for UTMB week as they ran their races. I also travelled to Madrid and Valencia and ran a personal best time for the marathon in the latter. On to 2018 and things have changed and are going to change further!



I left the current agency I was working for and am really proud of the projects I worked on there, several of which have featured on this blog as content for Stance and inov-8. I have moved on to communications agency Gung Ho, hence the blog title – enthusiasm for a new year and working on professional brand projects and blog content together. I will be working on New Balance, Garmin, Stance, Speedo to name a few, so feel free to reach out. I hope that much of what I work on will continue to appear on the blog as part of campaign launches, product drops etc. and will inspire and entertain.



Leading on from that, content that I’ll be sharing will be geared up around the exciting projects we have going on at Gung Ho. Think sport and lifestyle activations; hopefully stories that entertain and will keep you guys updated with what’s happening in outdoor, sport and lifestyle industries. I am also going to use the blog as a place which is dedicated to press and reporting as much as it is a running journal. I want to talk about events, industry news, articles, publish images and video content. Posts will be geared around run, outdoors, lifestyle, travel, but might not be like traditional content seen on other running blogs – namely product and race reviews and tips on training and nutrition. Other people do that better than me so expect news on lifestyle, fashion cross over, streetwear, travel, documentary stuff that will hopefully keep you guys checking in! 20,000 of you logged on last year, hopefully more this year but thank you thank you all for reading!



I’ll keep posting about product from a brand neutral perspective as I personally am not sponsored or endorsed by any brand or company. I wish the guys at Maverick Race and inov-8 the very best of luck this year – love those companies and what they do – but I will not be repping them solely next year. I really enjoyed running with the Maverick Race Trail Division, but couldn’t really commit to the project fully this year with everything going on. Similarly with inov-8, I’ll only be racing a few trail races over the summer and much of my training will be dedicated to road personal bests. So I’ll be flirting with a few brands! Still love Stance however so expect product news, starting in Feb with a tech update which I am super excited about!!



Coming back to running, last year was great – albeit I was injured for 4 weeks then had low mileage weeks for another 4 weeks during recovery.
This year’s race calendar is as follows and I can’t wait:

Wokingham Half Marathon (road)
London Half Marathon (road)
Fleet Half Marathon (road)
London Marathon (road)
Edinburgh Marathon (road)
Maverick Exmoor 21k (trail)
Maverick Peak District 44k (trail)
Maverick Kent 21k (trail)
Maverick Snowdonia 44k (trail)
Abingdon Marathon (road)
Marlow Half Marathon (road)
Centurion Wendover 50m (trail)




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