By 2019, social media video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US* (and the US normally leads on these trends)… time for YouTube?

As a digital marketer and content creator, I’ve recently been considering the evolvement of social channels and in turn considering what has become. And I think it’s time to change things up. In all honesty (and not many bloggers will admit this), visitor numbers have been declining – albeit slowly – since 2015. Maybe blogs are old news both in the figurative and literal sense. Maybe people don’t have time to read a long story or detailed product review anymore? Maybe I’m not pushing people to the blog or readers are simply consuming media about running and lifestyle elsewhere?

Video content is leading the way when it comes to time spent online. But I think the biggest driver behind my end of year review, is that content creators are having to seriously consider the platform they find their audience on and produce engaging native content. Essentially:

Twitter – news, updates, announcements, sharing
Instagram – photography and day to day ‘stories’
Blog – anything that needs explaining in richer content format

What about YouTube, why now and what is out there already?

At the moment there are – IMO – only a handful of YouTube channels worth watching. Billy YangGinger Runner and Run Steep Get HighMountain Outpost are those that spring to mind. Billy’s films about trail running (mostly in the US) are always beautifully crafted. Jamil Coury’s – RSGH/MO – videos are brilliantly humorous and incorporate news and are more documentary in nature. The Ginger Runner, Ethan Newberry, falls somewhere in between and he covers the whole gambit – visually stunning films, product reviews, news and live. Those three have basically got the trail running world nailed.

But what about the UK and Europe? What about road running, track, cross country? What about lifestyle crossover? What about the the daily vlog style that has created a generation of YouTubers like Casey Neistat?

Starting with the latter, do I want to be a ‘YouTuber’? Someone that vlogs daily, accumulates followers with subscribe heres, clickbait content and gradually upgrades to selling merch? HELL YES! Is that the right format for my content which will predominantly be for telling stories about travel and running lifestyle? Not sure. What I am trying to say is that I think there is a niche for a short film maker to tell stories on YouTube in a well produced engaging way. That’s what I’m going to set out to do. Expect location based films, real talk about training and products; on the whole some well edited, viewable content that will try to tell anecdotes about running that are hopefully not cringeworthy.


I’ll still be writing here on the blog. Likely long-form articles that resemble editorial magazine content with accompanying photos (taken by me – always). But for all the reasons above, I’ll be producing video content on a regular basis. And maybe that will in turn point those who have the time and inclination to consume their running media in written word and photographic form here to the blog.

Any thoughts, hit me up on Twitter! To see where I am or what I am up to day to day, check Instagram. Otherwise subscribe to the YouTube channel and I’ll start banging out videos from the start of next year once I’ve got my rig set up! And, of course, thanks for reading.


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