Cold tent, rain, peanuts, bad dreams, four hour of kip

Sound of runners preparin’, more hardcore than you soft lad

Time to get down t’start, be reight

3,2,1, be off with ya!

Folk run away, wind arrives along with rain, sideways, proper mardy

Through plantation, through t’forest, through heather

Follow t’arrows, follow GPX, follow bloke up there

Miss a marker, can’t concentrate, guts aching from early start

‘Go back lad!’, back up hill, back to dib in, last time you’ll look back

Through peat, through bog, follow road t’bottom of Win Hill

Runners puffing, stop mitherin’

Take it slow and steady, follow the leader, up t’cairn

Up and over, get some pace up, see thi’ later

Through cement works, oot of snicket

‘Over here kid’, wrong way again, ‘The sports centre?’ ‘Aye’

Check in, ‘724 my love, thanks pet’

Time for a break, not that long, no seizing up, away and go, check out, ‘ta-ra’

10 miles, still drizzle, still wind, lighter now

Counting people back, a good sign, finer fettle

Hood up, another climb, back down longer, nowt but scree

Right at river, through fields, mind for sheep, checkpoint 12, last on’t Moor

Back to running, thanks for directions, reminders, good lucks

Back through’t short stuff, heather, bracken, peat, sand

Breathe heavy but easy, reckon hasn’t felt like more than marathon

Plantation, forest, finish line

Sit thissen dahn, tha’s bin laikin all day.


Peak Trails 30 – Peak District



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