inov-8 ‘Maverick Sussex’

Time for a little write up, been a while! First up Maverick Sussex from last weekend the first Maverick Race of the season and one I had been looking forward to and worked into my London Marathon training plan.

Barcelona Half (might do a right up on that soon too) went well, 1:21 and change. Was pretty happy with that in the wind, without a watch and without too much blowing. Maverick however was a bit of a different story. Whilst I wasn’t there to race, it was certainly testing all the same due to ill-conditions/health!

I had a cold. You know that bit at the start of a cold where everything is tiring and you are snotting everywhere? Well anyway, let’s use that as an excuse for things being hard in part in addition to it being a blustery day! But down to Amberley at the foot of the South Downs I travelled where a band of merry runners were assembling for a short, medium or long amble on the South Downs Way.

And as such, it was at the foot of the Downs that the race started run and up up and away for everyone, with the two Toms (Payne and Evans) sprinting off up the hill, a pack of 6 or 7 or so in pursuit. I got excited and tried to run with that crew but then remembered I was poorly and tired and barely strong enough to save myself being blown from the trail into the cow fields. Quite quickly I found myself moving forward but slipping back in the rankings, which was actually fine by me and my lungs! And so I turned into professional gate opener for the next 10 miles or so. But what fun!

As ever with a Maverick Race, the route had a bit of everything – rock, mud, grass, road, hill, step and style. Loads going on but that is part of the appeal right! Thankfully the inov-8 crew were there at the start with pairs of the awesome X-Claw to deck everyone out. They seemed to fair well whilst I found the hills a challenge, the ups a challenge, my lack of breath a challenge! But thankfully, my kit performed well. Maverick races remain super fun and this start to the season didn’t disappoint.

Smiles, a well organised crew, fully stocked aid stations, shoe trials from arguably the best gripping trail shoe brand out there, iced coffee, post race beer, a medal in the shape of a bottle opener (!!!), a little retail store with awesome stuff like Stance and Ciele, free race photos and instant results! Well done Mav crew, makes me proud!

Pics by Sue Hill and Simon Freeman :p


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