COLOUR: Navy/SafetyYellow
WEIGHT: 185g
DROP: 5mm (17mm-12mm)
EQUIVALENTS: Mizuno Ekiden 10 // Nike Zoom Streak LT3 // Saucony Type A6

I’ve been running in these for a while now and can safely say that iiiiiiii like them! The ‘Race 3’ are the lowest profile of the running shoe range from Swedish brand, Salming, after (progressively stacking) the Speed – Distance – Miles. Designed as a racing shoe, as the name probably gives away, the Race is super low-profile. Because I’m a nerd I’ve put some equivalents above for you. They are very similar to the Mizuno Ekiden (exactly the same in fact), the Zoom Streak LT3 (see previous review) and the Saucony Type A6 (a former favourite of mine, well the A4 was – I haven’t worn them for a couple of incarnations).

I ran these over a few distances and surfaces and would rate their performance as follows ? :

5k road – 8/10 – fast and light, performed well on tarmac with no hotspots
10k road – 8/10 – as above and there was plenty of room
10k track – 7/10 – really fast shoe, maybe lacked a little traction
10m road – 7/10  – performed well again, but worked hard on the calves

One of the best things about these bad boys is the room in the forefoot. Salming are very much advocates of natural running and the shoe encourages toe-splay and forefoot landing. Other racing flats can sometimes taper toward the end, these don’t do that which is great as, really, the less scrunch the better innit. The shoe also has a fairly minimal upper, around the heel cup for example, but still enough material to make you feel secure – not like a New Balance RC5000 (paper thin), more like an adidas Takumi-Sen.

The downsides? Well… not many actually! The shoe maaaaybe doesn’t have quite as much ‘snap’ as some other racing flats. I think the Brooks T7 Racer (more on that classic coming soon), the Adios Boost and some early incarnations of the Zoom Streak (like the ZS3 – the racing shoe of choice for elite Nike marathoners – READ) all have more toe off. This might have something to do with the ‘Torsion Efficiency Unit’ which, whilst efficient, doesn’t offer as much rigidity as the adidas Torsion system for example. #runchat

In terms of sizing, I wear an 8 in an adidas/Nike/Saucony – universally across models. A size 8.5 in Brooks and down a half size in Mizuno 7.5. I’d plump for a half size smaller in the Salming than a ‘standard’ running shoe size or size up against Mizuno if you need a comparison. I went for 7.5 in the Race, normally taking an 8 in running shoes.

Overall the Race 3 is a very good racing flat. I don’t think I’d advise running it further than maybe half marathon as it is made for racing not mileage – unless you’ve got awesome form! But as a 5k shoe, 10k shoe ??. I can’t wait to try the Speed and actually the trail shoe range are definitely worth checking out also. For me this is a super solid alternative to your ‘trad’ racing flat brands, especially if you are looking for a hybrid minimalist / racing flat.

Check em out. They retail at EUR140. Bout £100.

Salming Race 3 Salming Running




  1. August 17, 2016 / 12:38 am

    Interesting. How many miles do you have in the shoe in total? Ta. J

    • Alex
      August 17, 2016 / 7:38 am

      Hi James. Probably about 50, which is the minimum I try and put in a shoe before drawing a conclusion. Run strong man. ✌?️

  2. Alex
    January 26, 2018 / 3:29 pm

    Hi,can i use this for everyday runs? i have a newbalance 1080 and i want another faster shoe for my track sessions .I could have my nb for my long runs though.

    • Alex
      January 26, 2018 / 6:37 pm

      Hey Alex. My advice would be to stick with New Balance if they work for you and go for the 1400 or the Hanzo (don’t forget to go up half a size as they are a narrow race fit). Thanks!

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