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There’s a race review coming shortly. A review of the hardest race I’ve run so far. A mountain marathon in the Alps. My choice of shoe for that race was the adidas terrex agravic. They served me well. So I thought I’d tell you a bit about em.

In my last post (too long ago) I gave you some images of a trail weekend I spent with ar collective / ar adidas trail team. For that weekend we were fortunate enough to enjoy some fine weather and the trails were dry and gradual enough for me to get away with wearing the Nike Terra Kiger. But I got in trouble a couple of times. The grip let me down on snow. And they weren’t stable / tough¬†enough on the downhills.

That weekend I went shopping for a shoe that I could wear for the Montagn’Hard weekend which I’d signed up for a few weeks earlier. And did I go shopping. I tried on La Sportiva, Scott, Salema, Salomon you name it and I’m still on S’s. I ended up plumping for the shoe that fit best, tapered like a road shoe and I thought offered the grip the TK was lacking.

The terrex agravic comes in at 310g (as noted on the tongue – nice touch) so is a little heavy, but man is it robust. Underfoot kicking rocks, a tough upper through scree, the extra weight is a worthy addition when you are descending in technical terrain. And man did the Moins’Hard mountain race have that. Get a grip. The continental sole did not let me down there either, in wet and stormy conditions the agravic held it’s own in the mud, on the pine needles, on loose rocks, over boulders, through mountain stream, over grassland meadow, ¬†even wet tarmac – you name it, no problem.

It took me 7 hours of climbing 10,000+ feet over 38km to complete the race in these shoes and I did not have one problem throughout. My only gripe maybe was the dirt and wet that ended up in there, but to be fair the conditions I ran in were so loose and wet and the foot moved around and stretched the shoe so much that something was gonna get in. But I have to say, not enough to cause a problem. I didn’t blister. At all. Which for 7 hours in the wet is good going (props to Stance Socks here also). If I were going to wear the shoe in snow or through more water than I saw on the day then maybe I would plump for the more expensive Gore-Tex version which is newly available, but honestly not needed just yet!


So props adidas. These shoes did the business. Additional colorways in mens which I think are also both pretty sexy:




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