Nike ‘Zoom Streak LT3’

I was a fan of the Zoom Streak LT2. They were flat, fast, but offered a little cushion. Having said that, the upper was a little… slidey. And the heel counter a little… loose. When I started wearing them I blistered but then I wore them on track fairly regularly and that seemed to stop and they were great for yassos, reps and even some off track tempo stuff. But then I deaded them off by running too much mileage. So when I heard that Nike had reworked the LT, I had to check out a pair. Partly cos I’d killed my old ones. But also has they had made some changes (and I was in the US so could pick some up for $80!).

What’s the same?

  • Heel drop. 4mm (22m heel — 18mm forefoot). Low and fast.
  • Zoom Air and Cushlon LT midsole. Starts firm, softens up.
  • Weight. 150g. Lightweight materials mean that this shoe is barely there.

What’s Different?

  • The sole and firmness. Somehow the new waffle outsole and rubber add a firmness to the shoe.
  • The upper. Vastly different. Slightly roomier toebox but shallower. So a similarly tight fit but without the slip when you corner.

I have found this update to be a success but then some things aren’t so good. Until the shoe really breaks in, it’s pretty minimal for pavement running. Even more so probably than the LT2. Having said that the shoe really pops and if you’re used to a minimal shoe you’ll love that.

The shoe is well suited to track as the sole really grips hard and you get all the feels. It’s like the opposite of sloppy which is a real improvement from the LT2 and Streak 5 uppers which I found were just too loose. I can see myself wearing this shoe all the time this summer provided I am running efficiently. Hopefully it will carry me through a track season and can help me PB everything up to 10k.

Oh and of course, as is customary with Nike design, they look fly. Check out the limited edition ‘Penn Relays’ version!



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